Which Wonder Week Was the Worst for You?



I have googled my butt off and I could not find a clear cut poll with other opinions about which Wonder Weeks others found to be the most difficult for their little one. As a result, I have created my own for us!

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There are countless times when Bubby just isn’t acting right. I go through and think, Is he teething? Is he sick? Diaper rash? and the list goes on. But sometimes, I can’t seem to find anything wrong and then I realize that he is in a Wonder Week.

I think like most moms, I find myself googling “which wonder week is the worst” because there is encouragement in numbers. Knowing that someone else feels what you’re feeling can make a parent feel less crazy. Just click below which WW you found to be the most challenging.

By the way, did you know that there is an app for Wonder Weeks?!?! Whaaaaaa? Yep. I have the book, but having the app is like keeping tiny snippets to remind me I’m not insane right in my pocket. Check it out.

By all means, please tell us how you survived in the comments below.



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