A Salute to the Working Dad


Mike came home from work late and was exhausted. I could tell he needed a little time to transition being home. Sometimes I take for granted that he just worked a twelve hour day and coming home from the chaos of work takes him a moment. I feel like there is all this hooblah out there about working moms and stay at home moms and some ridiculous battle ground gets created about who’s better blah blah.

I personally couldn’t imagine the pressure and responsibility  that goes with being a working mom. See. That thought right there. It’s so easy to go down that path and totally leave out the working dad. What about his enormous amount of pressure and responsibilities? I thought about that as Mike came home late from work. I realized that it’s important for me to acknowledge that in Mike. Letting him know how proud I am to be his stay at home wife and mom. How fortunate we are to have this opportunity.  I know so many working dads who are passionate about being a dad, passionate about being the sole provider of the home or partnering with their wife to provide together.  Why not encourage them and lift them up for all they do?

We talk a lot about being a working mom. But what about the working dad? Why not take a moment and remember him and all that he does. Read on for more.

A salute to the working Dad.

A salute to all the times you come home to the poopy diaper and change it with genuine joy…for the most part.

When you walk through the door and are bombarded with the emotions of a little one who had a hard day at school and she needs your hug to make it right.

When your wife looks to you to keep peace in the home because the boys wont stop yelling.

When you say goodnight to your youngest and can’t believe he was an “accident” because you can’t imagine life without him.

When you pull up in the drive and take a few deep breaths before you walk in because you know today is the day your little one would have been five years old.

When you walk in and hug your wife remembering together.

When you do the dishes and take the dogs out and play Candyland after a day of meetings.

When you fall back to sleep after waking in the night because daddy’s snuggles is the only thing that would put him back to sleep and you aren’t thinking about how you have to get up in two hours to work a twelve hour shift, no, you’re thinking about going back in there to finish the night snuggling with your little guy.

When you massage your wife’s feet because you know she just put in a twelve hour day with some of the most important people in your life.

When you walk in and sit down for dinner excited to hear what’s going on in their lives.

When you feel like you’re not doing enough and she surprises you with her drawing from school about you being her favorite person.

Working dads are needed as much as the working mom or stay at home mom or the stay at home dad. Remember to encourage your working Dad. Let him know how much he matters. Life wouldn’t work without him.