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I’ve got a new list for us! You know how I am about lists… Once Bubby started eating foods with his hands along with pureed foods, I really became interested in making healthy foods for him and for me! I love that about baby-led weaning: Feed them what you’re eating! While starting this journey, I was reminded of what I already knew. Foods we eat are full of sodium and sugar, which are items you need to be wary of when feeding baby what you eat. I try not to obsess about this but I like to be aware.  I found that breakfast foods where an easy first start for us when giving him food to handle on his own.

Breakfast foods are easy to make, can be made in bulk for freezing and eating later, and can be made a little more versatile with adding different ingredients here or there. While these breakfast ideas are probably not ground breaking, the recipe ingredients might be new to you and the taste is soooo worth trying!

Don’t underestimate the power of freezing foods. As I started feeding Bubby what we’re eating, I quickly realized he didn’t eat all that much and I didn’t want it to go to waste, especially if he loved the food, so I started freezing different foods to see how they would turn out!


Whole Wheat Waffles Strips

These waffles are delicious! I took the original recipe from Lisa at  The only thing I do different from her is a I add 1 1/2 tsp of vanilla and I double the recipe so I can have a big batch to freeze later! Doubling her recipe gave me 22 waffles. Husband and I ate four for breakfast, Bubby ate some of one, so I froze 17 waffles. These recipes use naturally sweet ingredients instead of sugar. Bonus! Anytime she adds salt, I just omit it. 🙂 #babyledweaningwin


*Spreading yogurt on these is really yummy. Have you ever tried whole milk, plain yogurt. I swear it tastes almost like cream cheese. Bubby loves it! Another nice thing about spreading yogurt on these is you’ve now created a sticky layer to add some other food! I squish raspberries, blueberries, pears, blackberries and bananas on these waffles! You could even sprinkle a little smidge of cinnamon to add a little flavor flair!

*To freeze these, I just put them in a freezer Ziploc bag. When we want to eat them, I put them in the toaster and they’re ready in like two minutes!

*Take a Saturday morning to make a double or triple batch of these. It’s worth it!!



EGGS Galore

Don’t forget the power of eggs! I should add that it is totally up to you on when you introduce eggs. Apparently, there’s a lot of new research out there that says it’s OK to feed your baby eggs around 6-8 months. Like anything, Google it and ask your pediatrician because I’m just a mom telling you my experience over a cup of coffe.

Husband and I don’t have any food allergies and neither do our families. The rule of thumb is if it’s an allergy somewhere in your family, then you’ll probably want to wait. With that, Bubby LOVES scrambled eggs. Again, this is another food when you can add variety AND you can freeze cooked eggs and they warm up pretty nicely.


*When making your scrambled eggs, add a little milk. This makes them fluffier and juicier so baby can grab chunks easily.

*Try Egg Muffins! Once I discovered this, I have gone to town with all sorts of varieties. You can add bacon and bread chunks to a muffin cup, pour in your egg mixture, pop them in the oven, and freeze the leftovers! Super easy! Peppers, cheeses, spinach, and other greens are easy add-ins to your egg muffin cups and gives baby a variety to try!

*My rule of thumb when I try something new in the oven is to start at 350 degrees for baking. This seems to be a pretty universal temperature. You can figure out about how many eggs you’ll need to fill 12-24 cups to your liking. I have found that 8-10 eggs (depending on egg size) works well to make 12 full muffin cups. If you have extra, just make a small batch of scrambled eggs to eat on the spot with your little one!

*Another incident where silicone is awesome. I love my silicone muffin cups! Seriously, 24 reusable cups for $10 bucks is UH-mazing. Awesome for freezing and non-sticking. Plus, whenever I decide to use my muffin pans, I never have to worry if I have muffin cups on hand! When you freeze the eggs, I would freeze them in a single layer first, then throw them in a bag. I think the cooked eggs like to stick to each other.

*These warm up nicely in the microwave!




While we’re on the topic of muffins, another favorite around here are these awesome berry, nut, banana, whatever you want muffins! I totally stole this recipe from Lisa and we LOVE THEM! I leave the salt out of these too. They are super easy. Seriously. I made them in like 15 minutes, total. I honestly don’t worry about exact measurements of fruit that I add to these. I just add whatever I have on hand. I like to buy berries to eat throughout the weak. When I can see they are trying to go bad before they get eaten all up, I like to make this recipe to use the berries all up!


*My picture above only has blueberries, but I’ve made these with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and bananas before. They turn out lovely! You could even add chocolate chips if you want something with a little sugar! 😉

*In Lisa’s recipe, she uses coconut oil. I use canola oil and have never noticed a taste problem.

*To defrost, you could put them in your fridge over night or even just on the counter. I have done both and they seem fine. Honestly though, I find I don’t think to eat these until the morning of, so I just zap them in the microwave for a minute or so and they turn out great!




My favorite about french toast is that I love it so much it started me on making my own bread.
(Quick Digression: We got a bread machine for Christmas some time ago and I put that baby to work every week! If you have one, I really encourage you to bust it out! There are some great, easy recipes out there!)
OK, back to freezing food! This breakfast might be an exception to your salt intake if you buy commercial bread. Nothing wrong at all with doing this! I would probably consider this your splurge meal of the day for baby if that’s the case.


*French toast seasoning is really about your preference. Personally, I whisk together a few eggs, a little milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of vanilla and a drop orange juice in mine.

*To freeze these, make sure you don’t have too soggy of bread when you’re done. I have found freezing these when soggy, creates a mushy after freeze. I put these in the toaster when I take them out of the freezer and they have the perfect little crunch to them!

*I have found Bubby likes any bread-related item, like his mamma 🙂 Don’t be afraid to try different varieties of toast! Sometimes I give him toast with his scrambled eggs. Sometimes I give him toast with yogurt spread on it and fruit, etc.




If you love smoothies and want an easy way to have some on hand for those urges and want baby to share in the yumminess with you, this is the easiest way to have a smoothie on the go!


*When you are done making your smoothie, freeze a batch in ice cube trays so you can control how many you want to grab later. We all know smoothies can have incredible varieties for taste! I use whole milk yogurt and a tad of OJ. I try to do more yogurt than OJ to limit some of the sugar and to help with consistency. This has worked well for me!

*When you want some immediately for eating, put it in the microwave on the medium heating setting for 20 second increments. Once it starts to get a hint of mushy, break it up with your spoon to mix with the cold on the inside and enjoy!

*If you know you’ll want it for lunch for yourself and baby, then take out a batch and put it in the fridge. It will be ready to eat by lunch! I like to store batches for myself in my small pyrex containers.


Do you have any favorite recipes you love to share with  your little one? Any favs to add to the list?

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Top 5 Must Have Books for Baby

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I met Ke’o back in the day at college. We had a mutual friend and brushed by each other at times since we were both in the Education Department. We became friends on Facebook and I have enjoyed watching her become a mom of one of the cutest little guys in town! Not only is she a third grade teacher but she also moonlights as an Usborne Sales Consultant. OK. Normally, I sort of glaze over at this point, but if you haven’t heard of Usborne before, then you are truly missing out! I quickly learned they have some of the best. books. ever. Whether you have littles of your own or love to love on other littles in your life, you really should consider adding Usborne to your gift giving. My bubby loves them and we really enjoy reading them. When I first started digging into Usborne, I was a little overwhelmed about which options to go with. Ke’o is here today to give you a list (I LOVE HER!) of what books to start with as you begin your Usborne journey. Here is Ke’o. ENJOY!

Babies love to chew, drool, and crawl all over their books. This is how they explore literacy! Your books should be sturdy, as well as engaging, for your little one. I know your child will enjoy all of these amazing and affordable titles that Usborne Books and More has to offer! Our books are also backed by a lifetime half-price replacement guarantee.





5) With brightly colored, high-contrast pictures, this book is sure to engage your baby’s attention! As your child grows, he/she will love tracing the tactile finger trails, lifting the flaps, and running their fingers over the touchy-feely areas in this delightful book. Two other personal play book favorites by Usborne Books and More are “Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Colors Play Book” and “Baby’s Very First Playbook: Animal Words.”



4)I love that Usborne Books and More makes little books for little hands! My Wild Animal World is a collection of nine tiny board books that fit into a cute book shaped box with a magnetic closure. In each little book, a wild animal tells its name, where it lives, what its baby is called, what it eats, and what it says. These chunky books are super durable and can be stacked like blocks. Your child can also practice matching by using the pictures in the box to place each book back into the correct slot. We also offer these other beautifully illustrated board book sets: “My Farm Animal World,” “I Can Count,” and “My First 100 Words.”



3) This adorable and engaging board book uses questions and flaps to introduce colors. On the left hand side of each spread, Little Red Penguin is traveling by a different mode of transportation with an animal friend. On the right side of the book, the reader is asked a question about the image on the left. Answers are creatively hidden beneath each question by large, durable flaps. Such a fun way to help your child learn colors, animals, and types of transportation! We have three other titles in this fantastic collection that will teach your little one words, shapes, and numbers.



2) Slide and See Animals is my personal favorite of the three titles we currently offer in our fantastic and fun Slide and See series. These books are full of vivid colors and are perfect for developing essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your baby will love sliding the panels and revealing the secret images hiding below!




1)That’s Not My Puppy is just one of the many, MANY titles in our super popular board books series entitled, “That’s Not My…” These stories follow a little mouse as he looks for his animal, person, etc. Along the way he encounters others who are NOT what he is searching to find. These adorable books contain bright, black lined pictures for developing eyes and touchy-feely patches for your baby to explore different textures and develop sensory and language awareness.


Reading is SO important for our children’s future — and luckily, these books make it FUN!  Building a love of reading starts in those first months and years of life. To find these phenomenal books and see the full selection of what Usborne Books and More has to offer, visit Happy reading!!


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