How to Transition Baby from a Rock n’ Play to the Crib

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transition from rocknplay

Photo credit: D. Garding via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-SA

How do you know when it’s time to transition baby from his Rock n’ Play? I remember feeling conflicted about it. The crib just seemed ginormous compared to him when we brought Bubby home for the first time. Not only that, but I had no idea how I would go about transitioning from the Rock n’ Play to the crib. Mamas, if you feel like you’re in the same boat as I was, then this newborn life hack is for you.

The Fisher Price Rock n’ Play is an awesome baby product. I would highly recommend one to my friends if their little one likes to be held and feel snuggly. When we came home from the hospital, our friends loaned us one and it was just what we needed. We used it for naps and his short spurts at nighttime. I used it during the day when I needed him to be in the room with me while I cooked dinner. I liked it for sleeping because it keeps baby elevated and Bubby was a spitter, so the inclined feature was a great bonus. This could be especially beneficial if you have a reflux baby.

Can we stop for a minute and talk about how annoying it is to type Rock n’ Play? Too bad I lean towards having a perfectionist problem, so I’ll be typing it correctly. We could make it a drinking game. Every time it’s mentioned, you take a swig of your drink. No judging here whatever you got in that cup of yours 😉

Eventually, I knew we needed to transition. If you’re like me, you Google a lot and I started realizing that having him in the Rock n’ Play (shot please?) too long as he started to sleep longer was probably not a great idea. I realized it was time to go to the crib for full time sleep (well, that was if we weren’t surviving with him sleeping in the swing, but that’s another story, another day…sheesh).


If I could do it over, I would have transitioned Bubby sooner. He was 2 1/2 months and going from the snuggly feeling of the Rock n’ Play to the crib was a little tough for him. Also, he was used to the incline, so laying flat seemed odd to him, I think.

I think the best indicator is when they start sleeping longer stretches. Head shape, neck muscle development and all that jazz that occurs by sleeping on a flat surface is something to take into consideration when you start using the Rock n’ Play for long stretches of time.

Another indictator we needed to transition was because Bubby kept pushing himself off the bottom while laying in the Rock n’ Play. I was a little paranoid about this, even with the built in buckle! This also caused him to struggle to fall asleep because bouncing around was more fun than napping! If your baby starts to act restless, you might want to consider the possibility he is no longer comfortable in the Rock n’ Play.


I hate to be annoying, but this really depends on your baby and their disposition and if you are dealing with any reflux issues or colic. I am NOT an expert, so as everything you read here, I can only give you my experience.

Bubby had eventually fallen into a somewhat predictable nap routine. I knew he would take so many naps a day. Since I didn’t want to mess with the possibility of poor sleep starting at the beginning of the day, I decided to start with the end of the day naps.

My advice, start with the last nap of the day. I did this so if his sleep was disrupted, we could survive with an early bedtime or cluster feeding. For this nap, I placed him in his crib. Once he got used to this nap in the crib, I moved up to the next nap and so on. It took us almost two weeks before all day sleep was a go in the crib.

The results for this can vary depending on how you put your little one to sleep. If they are used to being rocked to sleep and wake mid-nap for you to come rock them back to sleep, then waking while in the crib doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like the crib over the Rock n Play. I would pay attention to how long it takes for them to fall asleep in the crib over behavior with midnap waking.

Once I felt like he fell asleep with ease in the crib we moved to nighttime. He did it with no problem at that point.


I had this epiphany that maybe we should incline his crib as part of the transition process. Looking back, I feel like it made me feel better about the transition. My husband thinks it didn’t matter. Either way, the $25 made me feel good about the process. We used this one and I plan to keep it incase I think we need it for baby #2. I figured I can resale it when we’re done having kids so I don’t lose all my money. Hey, peace of mind and some sanity go along when you have a newborn in the house. I gladly paid the $25.

We used it for a few weeks until things got wiggly for him and he became a ninja sleeper.

Alright, how did your transition go? Have any extra tips about this to share with our other mamas? Let us know in the comment section! (Anyone keeping track of how many drinks they took?)


how to transition from the rock n play to the crib

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Why Can’t I Just Forgive?


Sometimes when I’m mad at Mike, he might ask me if I’m still mad at him. Sometimes I respond, “I’m only on seventy times two right now!” He knows I’m referring to Peter in the book of Matthew.

“At that point Peter got up the nerve to ask, ‘Master, how many times do I forgive a brother or sister who hurts me? Seven?’

Jesus replied, ‘Seven! Hardly. Try seventy times seven.’ ”     Matthew 18:21-22

I always thought it was kind of funny that Peter gave a number of times when he asked Jesus this question. Seven does seem like a mystical number in the Bible. Maybe Peter was thinking, Hey, I can live with seven times, I mean six just doesn’t quite seem enough and more than that just gets to be too much! Ha! I can just see Jesus throwing his hands and shaking his head while slightly exclaiming, Seven! Thinking, Oh Peter, if you only understood

Why was Peter asking this? Jesus just finished explaining to them the importance of working out conflicts with someone who has hurt you. He makes it sound like a “process” of actively pursing and choosing to forgive that person. Jesus said try talking to him, if that doesn’t work, talk to him with someone else present, and if that doesn’t work, talk with someone who might offer guidance to him and guess what? If that doesn’t work, “you’ll have to start from scratch, confront him with the need for repentance, and offer again God’s forgiving love” (Matt. 18:17).

What?!? Start from scratch? That might be why sometimes I feel like I just can’t reach forgiveness with someone. It also sounds like a lot of work to reach forgiveness. Although, he did mention seventy times seven, hmmm… Why is forgiveness so hard?

I’m not one who believes that I have to do tons of work to get God to love me or forgive me. If I do this and this and this then all is well in the God department. I don’t think it works that way. Now, when it comes to forgiving someone else, I do think there is an action required on my part. I think Jesus is pointing out that you have to choose to forgive. That is an action of course, but by making that choice, you have to trust God will take care of the rest.

Notice how he doesn’t say, once you do these steps for forgiveness, the other person will finally understand. No, he says you might have to start over, meaning you might have to keep choosing to forgive that person. And you might have to do it seventy times seven times! He doesn’t say you will get that other person to change their ways. He doesn’t say you will get that other person to come forth and apologize. I’m starting to think the whole forgiveness “process” is really for the person who is hurt, more than it is for the person who has hurt you.

That’s not to say your actions of continuously choosing to forgive a person wont have an impact on them, but I wouldn’t worry about it being your responsibility to change that person’s feelings. Yikes! That is way easier said than done. I have to trust that I am doing what I believe is right and God will take care of the rest. I’ve heard several pastors say something along the lines of how forgiveness is really for you, the person who is hurt.

I think Joyce Meyer said once that unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting it to kill the other person. Double Yikes! I don’t really think about that when I’m caught up in the anger I’m feeling or bitterness. Although, I bet poison tastes pretty bitter…

I’m a big believer in speaking the Word out loud. So, what do I do when I’m harboring unforgiveness and letting it eat away at me? I speak God’s truth out loud. Even if I don’t feel it, that doesn’t mean it wont work in my heart. The Holy Spirit is the one who ministers to my heart. I particularly like Galatians 5:1

“Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you!”

I like this verse because it reminds me that I am letting unforgiveness make me a slave and I don’t know about you, but I hate it when I realize that I am letting Satan control my emotions. I am free! Woohoo! I don’t have to feel that way! None of us do. I’m going to choose that freedom. Even if it’s seventy times seven times or whobody knows how many times.

GloFaith and forgiveness are hard. Why can't we just forgive others?



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How to Organize Your Cloth Diapers




If you’ve decided to take the cloth diaper plunge, then you might be thinking to yourself, how should I organize my cloth diapers? Like with any diaper changing station, there are a few things you have to consider: how much space you have to work with, location of changing station, ease of use by others, ease of use for the main diaper changer!

Some people buy a diaper changing table or one that is attached to their crib for ease of use. We have a nice sized bedroom for Bubby, so space wasn’t really a big concern, but we had Husband’s dresser set that he grew up with and once we got that in Bub’s room, space was a little limited. We decided to use the top of the dresser as a changing station.

Since we doesn’t need to use both dressers in his room, I also decided to use his dresser drawers to stash diaper materials in. If you don’t have many drawers, you might want to consider a small shelf to tack on the side. I ended up buying one like this for my second baby and turned it upright.

I labeled the dresser drawers for ease of use, mainly for my husband, but also for babysitters. I just used mail labels and stuck them on cardstock paper. We also have various cloth diapers that I like to use from time to time, so each drawer is labeled accordingly.

You want to think about what you want to have with the easiest access and where to put those diapers. I wanted all main, everyday diapers towards the top.

You can organize your diapers within the drawers whichever way works best for you to just grab and go. For this particular drawer, I have my pocket diapers. I go ahead and stuff them and put them in the drawer, ready for use.

I also keep a small stash of covers that already have the prefolds inside them, ready to go for a sitter or hubby to just grab and put on baby.

If you don’t have enough room on top to change the baby, have a stash of diapers and have your diaper changing materials (i.e. wipes, water, ointment, etc.) then you’ll probably want to keep your materials on top. Mine is nothing fancy, as seen below. You can also see that I keep an open, dry bin for the dirty diapers next to the changing station.

Don’t try to over complicate the changing station. Keep things simple and straight forward!

How do you organize your station?  Any tips?



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A Salute to the Working Dad


Mike came home from work late and was exhausted. I could tell he needed a little time to transition being home. Sometimes I take for granted that he just worked a twelve hour day and coming home from the chaos of work takes him a moment. I feel like there is all this hooblah out there about working moms and stay at home moms and some ridiculous battle ground gets created about who’s better blah blah.

I personally couldn’t imagine the pressure and responsibility  that goes with being a working mom. See. That thought right there. It’s so easy to go down that path and totally leave out the working dad. What about his enormous amount of pressure and responsibilities? I thought about that as Mike came home late from work. I realized that it’s important for me to acknowledge that in Mike. Letting him know how proud I am to be his stay at home wife and mom. How fortunate we are to have this opportunity.  I know so many working dads who are passionate about being a dad, passionate about being the sole provider of the home or partnering with their wife to provide together.  Why not encourage them and lift them up for all they do?

We talk a lot about being a working mom. But what about the working dad? Why not take a moment and remember him and all that he does. Read on for more.

A salute to the working Dad.

A salute to all the times you come home to the poopy diaper and change it with genuine joy…for the most part.

When you walk through the door and are bombarded with the emotions of a little one who had a hard day at school and she needs your hug to make it right.

When your wife looks to you to keep peace in the home because the boys wont stop yelling.

When you say goodnight to your youngest and can’t believe he was an “accident” because you can’t imagine life without him.

When you pull up in the drive and take a few deep breaths before you walk in because you know today is the day your little one would have been five years old.

When you walk in and hug your wife remembering together.

When you do the dishes and take the dogs out and play Candyland after a day of meetings.

When you fall back to sleep after waking in the night because daddy’s snuggles is the only thing that would put him back to sleep and you aren’t thinking about how you have to get up in two hours to work a twelve hour shift, no, you’re thinking about going back in there to finish the night snuggling with your little guy.

When you massage your wife’s feet because you know she just put in a twelve hour day with some of the most important people in your life.

When you walk in and sit down for dinner excited to hear what’s going on in their lives.

When you feel like you’re not doing enough and she surprises you with her drawing from school about you being her favorite person.

Working dads are needed as much as the working mom or stay at home mom or the stay at home dad. Remember to encourage your working Dad. Let him know how much he matters. Life wouldn’t work without him.

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How Much Does It Cost to Cloth Diaper a Newborn?



Is cloth diapering a newborn worth it? How much does it cost? Should I just buy one size diapers? Which prefolds should I use for a newborn? What all do I need to cloth diaper a newborn?

These are the questions most ask when deciding how to start their cloth diaper stash. I was conflicted about having a separate stash for the newborn stage, but decided that I wanted us to try it. If it seemed like a waste, then I could resale our lot. That is one of the beauties of cloth diapering–resale is awesome!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a newborn stash or curious about what you’ll need and how much, here’s some info for you.

I would recommend using covers and prefolds. Newborn covers aren’t as expensive as I thought and newborn prefolds can be used for so much more than just diapers. I use them as booster absorbancy for night diapers or even during the day in my one size pocket diapers. Newborn prefolds can go a long way past the newborn stage, plus they’ll stay in great shape to reuse for the next baby or to resale.

There are a lot of different opinions about this. I would say it depends on how much laundry you want to do and how often you want to do it and of course how much you want to spend. The more you have, the more time you have between laundering. I had a good amount starting out. What I found was that it would take me a little while to get a load washed, then dried, then back on the changing table, so if anything, having extras was nice so I didn’t have to worry about getting it laundered and back on the changing table quickly.


We also went with cloth wipes. My friend recommended this because they are soooo much more efficient than disposables. My husband especially found this to be true. The less he needed to wipe away the poop, the better. The cloth wipes just grab it all and wipe it away better. Some people get in to all the different kinds of solutions you can use to spray when cleaning the bum, but we just use water in a spray bottle. The wipes will last you through your whole cloth diapering experience, so typically, these are a one time purchase.

We bought ours from Amazon. You want something to hold the dirty diapers. I just put ours in a square hamper and set it next to our changing station. We do a dry pail which means we just throw the dirty diapers in there. Some do a wet pail, but I don’t feel comfortable describing that since I don’t have any experience. The wet bags will last you through your whole cloth diapering experience, so typically, these are a one time purchase.  TIP: It is a misnomer that you need to cover your dirty cloth diapers to keep the smell out. Actually, by covering them the yucky smell just manifests even more. Allowing air circulation keeps the odor at bay.

Minimum needed to start out:
6-8 covers

12 prefolds

2 snappis (like the safety pin to keep it all together)

wet bag (to keep dirty diapers in)

24 wipes

spray bottle

Comfortable amount to start out for less laundering demands (this is what we had):
12 covers

24 prefolds

2 snappis

2 wet bags

36 wipes

spray bottle

This depends on where you buy them of course. I would plan to spend $20-$30 per dozen. I read a lot of different opinions about which prefolds to use and I went with Green Mountain Diaper prefolds, called Cloth–eez. They are $25 per dozen.

As I was stocking up on diapers, I kept an inventory of how much I spend and where I bought them. Partially because I wanted my husband to see how much we would save in the long run and because I am one of those annoying people that likes to make spreadsheets and keep track of things. Covers greatly vary in price by brand. I bought 8 out of my covers used, so I spend less. Newborn covers range from $8-$10. Looking at our spread sheet, I spent $54.

Of course this depends on the size of your baby and how fast he grows! There are recommended weights and sizes that come with prefolds and covers. I found them all to be pretty accurate. I would say the only exception was with our prefolds. If your baby is too big to “wrap” the prefold on him, you can use the prefold by trifolding it and laying it in the newborn cover. We got longer use out of ours doing it that way, plus the prefolds fit very nicely in the covers to help with any sort of leaks. Our newborn stash lasted until Asher was a little over 3 months old. I think it is safe to say most newborn diapers, covers and prefolds will last you until about 3 months unless you have a real little chunker on your hands 🙂

I personally bought most of ours from Amazon so we could get the free shipping, however many diaper sites have free shipping and a point system that allows their customers to earn certain rewards. I already have that in a way with Amazon. The prices were pretty comparable from Amazon to the company sites. Here are a few of my favorite sites when ordering from other than Amazon:


Covers (8 avg $8 each) = $64

Prefolds (2doz avg $25 doz) = $50

Snappis (pkg of 3) = $12

Wetbag (2 at $17) = $34

Wipes (doz wash rags from store x 2) = $10


So the next big question is how much would you have spend on disposables?

Looking at Wal-Mart prices you could buy a pack of roughly 120 diapers for roughly $35. In the first couple months we were at about 8 diapers a day and have evened out to about 6-8, depending on the explosions that happen 🙂

The average diaper changes for a newborn are about 8 a day. Divide 120 diapers by 8 gives you a pack of diapers lasting about two weeks. So, you could say you might spend about $35ish on diapers about every two weeks, plus or minus a few dollars. This doesn’t include if you buy disposable wipes. You could roughly be spending $75 a month on disposables. This price would change a little as you go up in size in diaper but let’s just say you spend that much for three months.

That gives you $225 for the newborn stage in diapers.


Photo credit: moohaha via / CC BY-NC-ND

Now this is incredibly rough, basic math. These amounts can vary, especially depending on the brand you buy and how many you go through at any given time and where you buy them. Some folks buy them in bulk at a bulk store like Sam’s for a cheaper price, but then you get in to how much you pay for the membership price, how much you spend on gas to get them, etc. With cloth diapers you do have to take in to account how much it costs to launder them but from what I’ve read, it is marginal, plus there are the one time purchases to consider in the grand totals, like the wipes and wet bags.

Another topic that would be interesting to discuss is using One Size cloth diapers on your newborn. These diapers last from birth until potty training. I have a good set of those for after the newborn stage that I use now. I decided to build a newborn stash so I could have a good fit on the baby right away and I wanted diapering to be easy for me AND my husband, especially for middle of the night, tired diaper changes. I didn’t want to be messing with the fit until Asher was a little bit big enough to really fit the one size diapers. In the cloth diaper world, many protest about the smallest size setting in one size cloth diapers and how they don’t fit newborns that well. BUT, in order to save money, many just stick out for a month or so until baby fits them better. I bought many of mine used, so if they didn’t pan out, I could just resale them and the loss would be minimal. I ended up LOVING them and plan to use them for the next baby!

Overall, I believe it probably cost more to use disposables on a newborn. One thing about cloth is that there are so many more uses and I can use my newborn stash for the next baby as well, AND I will most likely be able to still resale them when I’m done. AND I can use them for more than one child!

It may be worth it to you spend the extra money on disposables. A good friend of mine made the comment that when she wipes her but she likes throwing it away down the toilet, why wouldn’t she want to do that with her baby?! Very true! In the end you should do what works best for your family. Cloth works for us. I don’t mind rinsing the poo off in the toilet if it saves me some money. Others might find that idea crazy!

Which diaper system did you use? Do you think it’s worth it to have a newborn cloth diaper stash or just use disposables until baby fits your one size diapers better?


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Marriage Is Hard

Marriage is hard.
This sounds like the Biggest. Understatement. Ever. Let me explain.

I recently have been reading the book of Matthew in The Message Bible (Eugene Peterson’s translation). I’m a big Peterson fan and have loved reading this Bible. If you’re unfamiliar with The Message and are looking for a Bible that feels comfortable and simple to read, I would encourage you to try this one.

In Matthew 19 Jesus is talking about marriage with the Pharisees, who are “badgering” him about divorce. They ask Jesus about when it’s OK for a man and woman to divorce and He gives him the answer (verses 8-9).

Jesus said, “Moses provided for divorce as a concession to your hard heartedness, but it is not part of God’s original plan. I’m holding you to the original plan, and holding you liable for adultery if you divorce your faithful wife and then marry someone else. I make an exception in cases where the spouse has committed adultery.”

Of course the disciples, always reminding us of our human selves when Jesus is explaining things, make their interjection by asking Jesus what’s the point then of getting married if you’re “stuck.” Jesus replied in verses 11-12

But Jesus said, “Not everyone is mature enough to live a married life. It requires a certain aptitude and grace. Marriage isn’t for everyone. Some, from birth seemingly, never give marriage a though. Others never get asked–or accepted. And some decide not to get married for kingdom reasons. But if you’re capable of growing into the largeness of marriage, do it.”

Holy Buckets. How have I missed this verse? Did I read that right? “…mature enough…certain aptitude and grace…growing into the largeness of it...” I went to look at other translations and now I see why I felt like I’ve never read it this way before. I think what Jesus said here can be easily overlooked. Other versions say something like “not all can accept this saying…but he who is able to [accept it] let him...” I’m not here to get into some argument about Bible translations or divorce. I’m just sharing what I felt the Holy Spirit stir in my heart while I was reading this portion of Matthew.

Jesus just said marriage is hard. For some reason, that simple statement gave me a big umph of encouragement. I’m thinking if the Creator of the universe says marriage is hard, then I’m not crazy. Whew. Not only did he say it was hard, but he said we grow into it. Meaning we don’t always stay the same. We are always changing during the different seasons of marriage.

This made me think of a marriage book I read once that talked about how a couple was arguing because the husband felt like his wife had changed since they first got married. The counselor responded with something like, “Duh. We all are constantly changing as we face new obstacles in life. As we go through new experiences. Those experiences change us.” I was reminded of how glad I am that I am not the same as I was when we first got married. I could not imagine how we would have handled having a baby then!

Knowing that both Mike and I will continue to change and will continually strive to be in harmony together even though sometimes it feels like utter discord, is a good thing! I certainly hope I’m not the same in fifty years as I am now. I hope to be wiser!

I also noticed that word grace. This makes me think of a book Mike and I reading together right now titled Love and War by John Eldredge. (I’ll write a review on it later.) It’s an amazing book. One part of the book discusses how God put you and your spouse together in order to draw you closer in your relationship with Christ, that’s why Paul compares marriage to Christ and his love for the church, for all of us (Ephesians 5:22). I need that grace. I think of all the times I think to myself about little ways I wish Mike would change and stop myself to ask God what he’s trying to show me. Not what he’s trying to show Mike. Sheesh. I’m not Mike’s Holy Spirit. What a relief when you really really think about that. I may be a source of counsel, but I am certainly not responsible for his relationship with Christ.

I am thankful for all of the good times in marriage.  Even though things get hard, they also get really really really good.  That’s another post … I am thankful for God’s unending grace that reminds me of His love for me and Mike, for all of us. There is no way I could get through any season of life without His grace.



Does marriage ever feel hard? YES said anyone. Why is Marriage so stinkin hard?

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Miracle Blanket Review

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When we brought Bubby home from the hospital we immediately started using the Velcro swaddles. Those worked on him for about two weeks. He very easily started getting his hand up out over the top or would wake up mad because his arm was stuck as he was trying to wiggle his way out. I knew we needed a new game plan for the swaddling. As always, I started Googling and came across lots of different options. As any parent probably knows, when you start looking at new ways to swaddle your baby, you start seeing your dollar bills go out the window! Swaddle products are expensive! At least they are to me!

I began reading different reviews over different products. I considered many different options but before I made my final decision, I started asking some of my friends who are also newish parents. A couple of them recommended The Miracle Blanket. (Play angel music here).

Now, before Bubs got too long, he could not get his legs out as pictured above. Getting his leg out and eventually a hand is what pointed us to the Zipadeezip. BUT, for almost three months we LOVED the Miracle Blanket. I will admit, I was skeptical at first because there are no “fastenings” or velcro. The baby is all swaddled by wrapping!

If you’d like to check out their original site, you can click here. They have nifty little step-by step photos that show you how to use it. When I purchased mine from Amazon (since I’m an Amazon Prime addict, justme?), I was happy to find directions in the package too!

There was no way Bubby was wiggling out of this! After using it for a few days and nights, he became used to it and started sleeping with no problems.  As with other swaddle products, I felt it was fairly comparable to other prices for about $30. Once I realized this worked like a charm, I did invest in a second one to have while one was in the wash. Plus, Bubs might be labeled a “spitter” so we needed to have extras on hand. But hey, for as much as they need to sleep, I felt the investment was worth it! So was my sanity!


At about 5 months he started wiggling out of the Miracle so we moved to the Zipadeezip!

A couple of notes worth mentioning about the material:
When we purchased out first one, it was blue, like the one pictured way above. Washing and drying it did not make it shrink. However, when I purchased out second one (beige with green trim, directly above) I went with the cotton knit material instead to have a lighter feel than the blue one which was 100% cotton. The knit material did shrink.

I bought the knit material because the blue 100% cotton was pretty warm. I wasn’t comfortable putting him in a footed PJ onesie at night (during the summer). I felt he got to be too hot for comfort. However, the knit one is more breathable and worked like a charm with his PJs.

Here are my thoughts in nutshell:

*easy to use
*easy to care for
*no special fastenings to worry about
*great product to keep baby’s arms from wiggling up towards face
*gender neutral colors available, plus other cute prints
*one solid piece of material that is easy to wrap baby up

*could be a little pricey– Amazon prices can vary by color too, unlike the retailer’s
*might shrink
* 100% cotton might be warm for baby in summer months
*I wish it lasted longer than about 14 weeks! Once Asher hit right at about 12 weeks, he was too long for it and was kicking out of it (like pictured above). I’m thinking this is when most transition from swaddling anyways so maybe it’s not a big deal or it could be that Asher was in the 90% for height…hmm…

Here are some product facts from the actual retailer’s site

  • Stops colic, see our guarantee
  • Helps baby sleep better and longer
  • Helps keep babies on their backs
  • Prevents twitching and “starting”
  • Prevents facial scratches
  • Makes breastfeeding easier
  • Easy to wrap and stays put
  • Made of 100% super-soft breathable cotton knit – perfect for any climate
  • 1 size fits all, up to 14 weeks
  • Offers simplicity of design – no buttons, straps, Velcro, knots, or zippers
  • Offers a 100% money back guarantee

After Asher sadly outgrew the Miracle Blanket, we transitioned to the Zipadeezip. You can read that review here.



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How to Transition from the Swaddle

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Something wasn’t right. Asher was starting to go down for his naps rather fitfully. I’m not saying he’s always an angel for naptime, but I could tell something was off. I made a note to keep an eye on it. He did this for three days in a row. One morning, I went in to wake him up for the day and was greeted by this sneaky face.

Yep, he got his arm out of the Miracle Blanket. It was time to rethink the swaddle. I knew it was coming, but I think I was in denial. I had read horror stories about no sleep when you transition.  I knew I just needed to take the plunge.


I am no expert, (I like to think I am!) but this can vary. Depending on who you read and believe, either you swaddle or you don’t. Either you swaddle forever because if it aint broken, what’s there to fix? Or you get tired of it (like me!). It’s also possible that your little one is starting to sleep a lot more, shall we say, fitfully. For me, I felt like this was the case for Bubby.

Some people go by age and if/when they decide to sleep train. They remove all sleep props and go from there. Hey, you do whatever works for you!


I started with one nap with one arm out of his Miracle Blanket. It was the first nap he wasn’t fitful. It only took him about ten minutes to fall asleep in his crib. I did the same thing with the next nap of the day. He tried to rip his face off and realized he could suck his hands For. Like. Ever. Google immediately showed me the Zipadeezip. I was skeptical, but read about their great service, so I figured if we ended up not liking it, we would send it back.

Couple days later when the package arrived, we did the one arm thing with his hand in one of the arm “pouches.” He didn’t rip his face off, didn’t go to sleep fitfully and barely sucked his hand. Success. It’s taken us some time, but the weaning process has worked.

I did something similar as I transitioned him from the Rock n’ Play. We started with one nap towards the end of the day, and went from there. Once he started sleeping easier at first, we moved on to the next nap. It didn’t take too long. About a week of whacky sleeping and then we did nights.

Alright, tell me how you did it? What did you find that worked well???


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