Is it OK to love on my husband when I don’t feel like it?


Spices are in the air. The heat from the oven overwhelms me as I take out the rolls for dinner. Clanking from the corner as Asher decides a spoon is the best for banging against his plate. Dogs are licking up flying food. Steam from the stove top as my potatoes bubble, telling me they’re done. It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t pee’d since this morning. Now we’re …

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I Am Not my Husband’s Holy Spirit


  I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now. I know some friends of mine who would love to change things about their husbands. Don’t get me wrong. We love them and there are so many things we wouldn’t ever want to change, but I know we can all relate to the things we wish were a little different. And I’m sure there are many husbands out …

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Marriage: Laughter Instead of Anger

Ken Davis cracks me up! I’ve always appreciated his humor and enthusiasm for life. If you’ve never heard of him, you should check him out. This video makes me think of Mike and me later down the road. Shoot, we’re about like that now when we’re trying to argue across the house! A few years ago I started making a “Top 10” list. I reflect on the past year, how …

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Why Can’t I Just Forgive?


  Some times when I’m mad at Mike, he might ask me if I’m still mad at him. Sometimes I respond, “I’m only on seventy times two right now!” He knows I’m referring to Peter in the book of Matthew. “At that point Peter got up the nerve to ask, ‘Master, how many times do I forgive a brother or sister who hurts me? Seven?’ Jesus replied, ‘Seven! Hardly. Try …

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Marriage Is Hard


  This sounds like the Biggest. Understatement. Ever. Let me explain. I recently have been reading the book of Matthew in The Message Bible (Eugene Peterson’s translation). I’m a big Peterson fan and have loved reading this Bible. If you’re unfamiliar with The Message and are looking for a Bible that feels comfortable and simple to read, I would encourage you to try this one. In Matthew 19 Jesus is talking …

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Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word–Confessions for Wives


  I started getting frustrated with Mike. Like it was his fault or something. So the little time we did see each other was turning into bickering and annoyance. The fifteen minutes in the morning was turning in to who can get the last word in! I was listening to Joyce Meyer and if you’ve ever read any of her books or heard her, you know that she emphasizes the …

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A Meaningful Experience


Mike’s family is from Iowa. He has some family that lives in Dubuque and I’ve never been there. Mike is always talking about how he thinks I would like to go there and see some of the neighborhoods and houses, a sort of realistic “Pleasantville” at some spots. Yes, we are a little cheesy like that–when we went to San Diego we biked around Cornado island to check out the …

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Dinner Tonight–What Ken Davis reminded me NOT to do!


Most of us can relate to this in one way or another. There are nights when I get all excited because I plan to try a new recipe for Mike or want to make some comfort food for dinner. Then, Mike comes home and he has a completely different agenda. I try to remember to be flexible but sometimes it goes like this…spoken well by Ken Davis. What about your …

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