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Every mom has a story for every season she goes through. I have found that in the midst of “mommy wars,” we forget that we all love our kids as much as the next mom and we have all gone through or are going through similar seasons on our motherhood journey. Why not spread that encouragement to try and drown out the negativity moms can get sucked into?


If you are a mom and/or wife who would like to encourage others in any facet of life, then this is the place for you. You can email me at

I try to respond within a week to each inquiry. Be patient with me 🙂



Cheers Mom, I Get It Now

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I remember scrolling through Michelle’s site and thinking, “This gal gets me!”. Her honest writing and cheeky thoughts about fashion and fitness, oh yah and how could I forget, WINE! had me from the start. I decided not to hold it against her that she lives in Canada. 🙂 Michelle is what I would call a no-nonsense writer. She’s direct and tells you what she thinks. I appreciate that in …

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How I Missed the Most Important Day of My Son’s First Two Years


When you start meeting other writers you really only have a few ways to get to know them. One of those ways is to stock their writing and if you’re lucky, they’re blog or personal site. I met Kamsin from a writer’s group created by another author I love (Sarah West) and instantly was drawn to her writing. Why? because Kamsin is a reflective person who causes me to reflect …

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Who I Am


You know that moment when your friend calls you because they got tickets to go see your favorite band? Or maybe that moment when you feel like you are beside yourself with happiness at the thoughtful gift your friend spent a lot of time making for you. Whatever it is–it’s that feeling of pure excitement and gratitude you have for that friend in that moment. I am not stretching the …

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Living Under the Freedom of God’s Grace

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I had been part of this particular online writers community for a little while and I remember I kept seeing her posts pop up. I liked her domain name “mywanderingheartsong” and I was immediately drawn to her faith based posts. For about four months, or so, I got to know Harmony through her writing and then one day, we said hello to each other. I had been published on a …

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Return the Child

Our beautiful babyGraham

When I read Carol’s heart-wrenching, raw story about her son, I immediately thought of a friend of mine who had gone through something similar and thought Carol gave words to a tough situation that my friend struggled to express. There were many nights of heart ache and struggle for my friend when they lost a little girl they had been taking care of for over two years. Carol’s story brought …

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The Happiest You’ll Ever Be


I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with when I first met Aimee. We are in an awesome blogging group together and I remember scrolling through and seeing her blog pop up in a thread. As per the usual, I started stalking her site and surfing through her posts and I came across one that I loved, titled “Chasing Your Joy.” Have you ever had that …

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Oh The Stories I Will Tell Your Kids!


You know what I love about having guest posts on the blog? You start to meet a lot of great people. You start to find new voices that make you cry, make you think, make you wonder, and make you laugh. I love Tiffany’s voice and I when I read this post I laughed out loud and thought, this is someone I could get drinks with. Cheers! Oh, the stories …

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5 Vital House Rules for When the Baby Is Teething


Yet another great guest post this week! Mariah’s sense of humor is one that I can relate to and I’m sure you will too! She brings a sense of honesty that I think we can identify with and I am thrilled to have her words on the blog today. I wish I had some social media links for you to catch  more snippets of her life but that’s not her …

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