One Item You Need to Transition Baby from the Swaddle

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I don’t know why we think we need to hurry and get our babies out of their swaddles. There’s this annoying urgency about the process I think us moms feel. Personally, I just got tired of messing with it and when we had someone else watching the baby, it’s a pain to make sure they swaddle correctly. Although, I will say, I loved the swaddle we used for Bubby and I didn’t want to fix something that wasn’t broken, so Asher was in his swaddle for a little while.

The time did come though when we wanted to drop the swaddle and transition him without it. I am someone who likes to research and figure out how to make that process as smooth as possible. Enter the Zipadeezip. I came across this nifty little suit during my Google searches and the prints are adorable, so I ordered me one.

The company, Sleeping Baby, are really nice people when it comes to customer service. I had ordered a couple more during one of their flash sales and ended up not liking the material for the “summer” one, and they very promptly sent me a different one after I returned the one I didn’t want. Once we got the one we wanted, I realized just how cute Bubs looked in it.ziippywithname2



*I feel like the Zipadeezip still gave Bubby the feeling of being covered and cozy, but the freedom to move around when he wanted. Seriously, they can crawl and roll freely in this puppy.
*Asher stilled liked to rip his face off or suck on his hands FOREVER. The covered hands keep this problem to a minimum.
*Ohhhhh the prints! I LOVE their selections.
*They have great flash sales.
*Great to have that extra warmth when needed.
*Great options for different material choices.
*His Zipadeezip became his lovey for sleeping, really.
*Made transitioning to sleeping with nothing really easy too!


Lots of folks ask about sizing for the Zippy. You can see here that at two months, the small was a little big on him. His feet came out of the pockets but that didn’t matter really. His hands stayed in it pretty well, which was nice since Asher was a serious hand sucker! Their site lays out the sizing really well I think. If you have a taller baby, the feet will fit just fine too.

We had our size small until he was about seven months. Then he just got huge and we went to the medium. I have heard of people having the small forever before they go to the medium. Once we got the medium, the small seemed tiny! I definitely think there is a big size difference, but one thing that’s great about the Zippy is that it still works really well until the baby “grows” into it.


I was excited to see that they had different materials to choose from! We have all four seasons around here so we needed a little variety. The summer blend works well, but I wasn’t a fan of the hint of polyester feel it had to it. So we do the cotton for spring through fall and then had an UH-mazing fleece one for winter. I loved the fleece. I seriously wanted one for myself.

MOM HACK for the this product:

I needed to be outside as much as possible to fight off postpartum depression. I don’t know about you, but i needed to figure out how to keep my kid warm so I could run when it was pretty cold out. Enter the fleece Zipadeezip.

That’s right. The Zipadeezip fits loverly while baby is strapped in the seat. You’re welcome.


I can’t get over the variety of prints they have. I love them all! They have lots of good gender neutral ones too so you can reuse them for more than one baby. This moon and stars one is my favorite! By the way, I have no idea how I was able to snap a pic of him while he was asleep. This kid is a LIGHT SLEEPER like his momma. Lord help us.


OK, so they aren’t super cheap. At least not to me. However, I say it over and over, sometimes the peace of mind is worth it. AND if you can use it on more than one baby then I think you definitely get your money’s worth. One of the great things about Sleeping Baby is that they have all sorts of sales when you sign up on their site. Sometimes it’s $10 off a Zipadeezip or free shipping or buy two, get one free, kind of stuff.

So there you have it. My must have for transitioning from the swaddle! What about you? Do you have a tip to add? Grab a cup of coffee and let us know 🙂


Top 5 Must Have Books for Baby

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I met Ke’o back in the day at college. We had a mutual friend and brushed by each other at times since we were both in the Education Department. We became friends on Facebook and I have enjoyed watching her become a mom of one of the cutest little guys in town! Not only is she a third grade teacher but she also moonlights as an Usborne Sales Consultant. OK. Normally, I sort of glaze over at this point, but if you haven’t heard of Usborne before, then you are truly missing out! I quickly learned they have some of the best. books. ever. Whether you have littles of your own or love to love on other littles in your life, you really should consider adding Usborne to your gift giving. My bubby loves them and we really enjoy reading them. When I first started digging into Usborne, I was a little overwhelmed about which options to go with. Ke’o is here today to give you a list (I LOVE HER!) of what books to start with as you begin your Usborne journey. Here is Ke’o. ENJOY!

Babies love to chew, drool, and crawl all over their books. This is how they explore literacy! Your books should be sturdy, as well as engaging, for your little one. I know your child will enjoy all of these amazing and affordable titles that Usborne Books and More has to offer! Our books are also backed by a lifetime half-price replacement guarantee.





5) With brightly colored, high-contrast pictures, this book is sure to engage your baby’s attention! As your child grows, he/she will love tracing the tactile finger trails, lifting the flaps, and running their fingers over the touchy-feely areas in this delightful book. Two other personal play book favorites by Usborne Books and More are “Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Colors Play Book” and “Baby’s Very First Playbook: Animal Words.”



4)I love that Usborne Books and More makes little books for little hands! My Wild Animal World is a collection of nine tiny board books that fit into a cute book shaped box with a magnetic closure. In each little book, a wild animal tells its name, where it lives, what its baby is called, what it eats, and what it says. These chunky books are super durable and can be stacked like blocks. Your child can also practice matching by using the pictures in the box to place each book back into the correct slot. We also offer these other beautifully illustrated board book sets: “My Farm Animal World,” “I Can Count,” and “My First 100 Words.”



3) This adorable and engaging board book uses questions and flaps to introduce colors. On the left hand side of each spread, Little Red Penguin is traveling by a different mode of transportation with an animal friend. On the right side of the book, the reader is asked a question about the image on the left. Answers are creatively hidden beneath each question by large, durable flaps. Such a fun way to help your child learn colors, animals, and types of transportation! We have three other titles in this fantastic collection that will teach your little one words, shapes, and numbers.



2) Slide and See Animals is my personal favorite of the three titles we currently offer in our fantastic and fun Slide and See series. These books are full of vivid colors and are perfect for developing essential motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your baby will love sliding the panels and revealing the secret images hiding below!




1)That’s Not My Puppy is just one of the many, MANY titles in our super popular board books series entitled, “That’s Not My…” These stories follow a little mouse as he looks for his animal, person, etc. Along the way he encounters others who are NOT what he is searching to find. These adorable books contain bright, black lined pictures for developing eyes and touchy-feely patches for your baby to explore different textures and develop sensory and language awareness.


Reading is SO important for our children’s future — and luckily, these books make it FUN!  Building a love of reading starts in those first months and years of life. To find these phenomenal books and see the full selection of what Usborne Books and More has to offer, visit Happy reading!!


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