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Can I Just Take a Minute and Talk about Some Awesome Mom Bloggers?

First, I personally am not a fan of the term “mom bloggers.” Mainly because when I tell people I write for my blog and they say something like “Oh, a mom blogger” with air quotes, I tend to roll my eyes at their ignorance and their shrug of shoulders. I think some folks have an opinion that a “mom blogger” is someone who dallies around on the Internet and “tries” to be some kind of writer.

Not everyone thinks like this, I know, and some people I tell get it and are interested in what it means. But for the most part, I think there is a reality that lots of folks just don’t understand about what all goes into creating, writing, and sharing content for a blog. Just like I don’t fully get everything my husband does at work, he doesn’t get everything I do on my work at home. There. Enough on that.

Secondly, I have had so many mixed emotions on my journey as a writer who has a blog, that if I started taking shots every time I changed my mind about something, or started something on my blog and let it go, I’d be a walking drunken mess.

When you get into this “blogging” world, you are inundated with so much advice and tips and “do this” or “do that,” that you are kind of prone to take up drinking. OK, maybe not drinking alcohol, but I bet the caffeine intake goes up a notch or two for most of us.

With that being said, there are some amazing women I have crossed paths with along the way. What I love about these ladies is that I have a different relationship with each of them but we all have so many similarities that we can gather around each other  (virtually that is!) and encourage one another all the same. I would not categorize these women as the air quoted “mom bloggers.” These ladies can write and are well worth the read.

I have had an interesting week working on my blog and collaborating with other writers and free lancing on the side side side side (insert eye roll) and have sought each of these ladies in one way or another for advice or encouragement. Sometimes I just head over to their site to see what they’ve been up to and find good-for-my-soul encouragement that is exactly what I needed to hear at that exact moment.

Friends, that is something special to have in the online world of writers. While not a one of us have met each other in person, I feel as though I could catch up with them easily at a cozy coffee shop. We have grown in our friendships over the last year and I think we have some more years ahead of us in store.

I would encourage you to not just find your mom tribe, but cultivate it too.


I have learned too many times that friendships must be cultivated and lifted up in order keep them.

When I say that I am inspired by these women, I don’t just mean they give me warm fuzzy feelings. I’m not just trying to make someone feel better here. I mean these women make me think about the different facets of my life and in the end, make me a better a person. That’s the kind of friendship I want to keep alive.

Meet Abbie. She writes over at www.grumblinggrace.com and has one of the funnest Instagram feeds and genuine hearts. I love her sense of humor yet sensitivity that she brings to motherhood with her faith. She has the ability to make me laugh and cry all in one sitting. If you ever need that extra mom umph in your life, you need to have her in your social feed. Abbie is a woman of integrity who takes what she does seriously, but is sure not to take herself too seriously.

Say hello to Aimee. She is a writer with so much depth and grit and fierceness that sometimes I think her words were literally meant just for me. Aimee has an amazing ability to connect with her readers no matter where they are at in motherhood. She is incredibly honest in her words and strives to lift you up. She is someone you always want on your side. Be sure to check out her writing over at www.mamacentric.com.

And then there’s the fabulous Emily. She writes at www.emilyfisk.com. Emily has such a sweet spirit and I find that when she writes about her journey as a mom, she has a way of softly prodding my conscience to stay focused on my own path as a mom and be sure to cheer on and wave at the other moms across the way. Emily’s ability to remind me to forget about the others and do my own best me is one of the things I love about her.

Harmony is one of the strongest, most confident women I have met online. She has an amazing faith and unwavering belief that I am always drawn to her writing. Even though Harmony is a straight shooter, she has never made me feel less than in my beliefs. She has a way with her writing that doesn’t tear me down, but provokes me to be more. She writes over at www.mywanderingheartsong.wordpress.com.

There’s something about Christina that makes you feel empowered as a mom. I don’t know if it’s because she gives me recipes like macaroni and cheese and makes me feel healthy about it or if it’s her never ending encouragement she gives to all her readers, but she is a writer to follow. She is so patient with others and only wants to cheer you on as you walk your path in motherhood (and she might serve you up a smoothie while she’s at it!). Definitely peruse her writing over at www.thewholecook.com.

Marisa is a writer who is so humble and so rawly honest, that you can’t help but read what God presses on her heart. She has an elegant flow to her words and a quiet boldness about her that I am always left with my heart feeling full. Sometimes she makes me feel full of wonder or full of rightly pointed questions, but either way, she is a writer to keep your eye on. She writes at www.brokencookiessite.wordpress.com.

And I could not, will not, ever forget about Lisa Leshaw. If there was ever a genuine lover of people, it’s Lisa Leshaw. I don’t think I have ever met someone online who cheers on other writers as much as she does. She is an ambassador of hope for writers. Lisa would not ever call herself a prolific encourager, but that makes her all the more genuine. I met her as a fellow writer at Her View From Home and it wasn’t long before she sent me a friend request on Facebook. What’s funny about Lisa, is that she is friends with so many of us writers and she genuinely is always interested in how you are doing and that yesterday was your sister’s birthday party. She’d love to hear all about it. There’s no way I could list all the places she’s probably been published but I know one of her places she likes to call home is Her View From Home. Check out some of her writing here.

Like any other mama, we’re all flawed and have our strengths and weaknesses.

What’s beautiful about the relationships we form with one other is our ability to grow someone in their strengths and help them along the way when they are weak with our own strengths, making our bond that much stronger.

I hope you’ll take a minute to say hello to these ladies by visiting their sites and their writing.
Peace to you mamas,

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  • Rebekah

    I’ve only heard of one of these ladies, thanks for bringing these other blogs to my attention!

  • Tabitha Shakespeare

    I absolutely love this post! I’m already following a few of these ladies and I can’t wait to check out the rest!

  • Such a great list (I think I’m already reading a bunch of them). But, you are right, I get so many eye rolls (from my hubby too) when I mention my blog. And like you said, I consider some of the bloggers I’ve met along the way friends!

  • mirinadler

    Very cool list. thank you.

  • Millason @SimplyNaturalMama

    Thanks so much for compiling this list! I will go visit all of their sites.

    • Gloryanna

      Yes! Please do! They are awesome ladies!

  • Erica Nicole

    I’ve heard of two of these and I really like them! I’m excited to check out the rest of the list! Thanks for the recommendations!

    • Gloryanna

      Definitely check them out! They are some awesome women! And thanks so much for stopping by!

  • you picked some amazing ladies, can’t wait to read the few I haven’t ‘met’ yet!

    • Gloryanna

      Yah! Thanks for stopping by Shaunacey!! They are awesome women!!

  • Amanda Kanashiro

    I’m not familiar with most of these bloggers, but I will check them out. Us moms need the gifted writings of strong women who understand being a mom. Pinned this for future reference. Thanks!

    • Gloryanna

      Awesome! I know you’ll find them encouraging! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  • So excited to meet the ladies on this list I don’t already know and am SO encouraged by the ladies I do know. Thank you so much for including me alongside these fierce females!!

    • Gloryanna

      I know what you mean! And THANK you for staying genuine in the midst of the crazy world that is blogging ☺️

  • Julie Hoag

    You wrote such a beautiful and honoring tribute to each of these wonderful writers! I love how richly you describe them, awesome tribute to each of these women!!!

    • Gloryanna

      Thank you Julie for noticing. ☺️ and thank you for taking the time to read!

  • I hadnt heard of a few of these so I will have to check them out! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    • Gloryanna

      Please do! They are incredible!

  • Lane & Holly @ With Two Spoons

    Such great blogs! Thanks for the list!

    • Gloryanna

      They are great and thanks for stopping by! I hope you find them encouraging!

  • jennadesigns

    These look like great blogs – I’m always happy to find other “mom” bloggers out there to identify with!

    • Gloryanna

      I know what you mean. It’s so encouraging when we do!

  • Meredith Overbeek

    Thanks for the fellow writer haul! I’m eager to form—or perhaps enter into—a mom blogger tribe, but am the super new kid on the block 😉 I’m glad you’ve got a good circle of friends to help support you in this journey!

    • Gloryanna

      Everyone starts somewhere! It may take a little bit but don’t be afraid to open yourself up and your tribe will come! (That sounds cheesy but it’s true!)

  • Melissa

    Thank you for sharing! I love finding new blogs to read. These sound like great women.

  • Belle Bermudez-Tubel

    I LOVE this community! You’ve got an awesome mom tribe right here!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  • Dani Adams

    Love the Mom Bloggers community. These are some amazing ladies!

  • Amy Beeman

    Love sharing the love!!!!!!

  • Ashley Freligh

    Thaks for sharing! There are a few here I need to check out!

  • Shela Yount

    This is wonderful! I can’t wait to add them to my list! <3 Thank you for sharing this!!!!

  • This was great! Thanks for including me! <3 You are def at the top of my list of amazing mom bloggers too!