Five 80s Movies You Need to Watch for Back to School


When I am starting to get that itch for fall, I have a few movies in my stash that I pull out just for this time of year. When peppermint candles burn in my house and garland adorns our mantel, I pull out my favorite Christmas movies. Spring in the air? I’ve got a movie for that. It’s sort of a tradition really. I do this with music too. And food. Can’t forget food. Hot dogs. All the hot dogs for the 4th of July. Hot dogs and The Sandlot. Who doesn’t love the Sandlot? If you don’t like The Sandlot, then you might as well move on buddy. You clearly are not a true patron of all things pre-teen that is Patrick Renna and duh, baseball of course.


When Labor Day weekend approaches, there are two things happening.
1) Summer as we know it has ended. Kids are pretty much back into the full swing of school. Parents are usually singing Hallelujah. Kids are typically in denial about how much they missed their friends and put up a fight about going back.

2) Starbucks brings the annual street crack Pumpkin Spice back and all is right in the world. Last year it came back as early as September 8th, so we’ll see what’s in store for us this year.

As you transition to this awkward time of year that is not quite fall but not so much summer anymore, and if you’re lucky to have a pumpkin spice in hand, you need to have these five movies on your watch list. I couldn’t imaging this time of year without the mass movie production that came from the 80s. I don’t know where I would be in life if I didn’t know “Hey, you guys!” existed.

Watching them all on Labor Day weekend is not a requirement, but if you’re looking to kick off the change in the weather and get through your the whining of your kids, then pop these movies in and I promise, everyone will be a little bit happier.

If there was only one movie I could pick for this time of  year it would The Goonies. The movie is totally geared for the end of summer with hilarious one-liners you’ll be muttering to your kids when they complain about chores or what’s for dinner.


Just remind them that there are three things they need to know in this life:
1) “Goonies never say die!”
2) “Hey, you guys!”
3) “The marijuana goes in the top drawer. The cocaine and speed go in the second drawer. And the heroin goes in the bottom drawer. Always separate the drugs.”

If all else fails and they are begging you to chauffeur them around, use this opportunity to teach them that they can’t always get what they want, unless the learn the value of the truffle shuffle. Oh and if you can’t get them to quit obssessing about the movie, use this as an opportunity to do a little history research to see what the cast is up to these days.


There’s all this great advice going around on social media about teaching your children to be open to new friendships and to “unwrap” that special gift that is a new student. Yah yah, that’s great but all kids need to know what life is like when you become the little ripass in class and that Saturday Detention is real. At least, it used to be. Enter The Breakfast Club. I am not sure how you get through life without watching this movie and learning that Simple Minds pretty much sparked a teenage rebellion. Plus, you can still teach them about that special gift you might find in a student they never would have considered giving the time of day to.


If anything, you could use this opportunity to reflect on how amazing 80’s music is and that Judd Nelson had great hair. Plus, who can forget Molly Ringwald applying that lipstick?

I have decided that I might lose some of you here with this one but I feel the need to remind us that John Travolta was a dancing/singing machine who also had amazing hair. And I just can’t help but think of Grease when I think about the end of summer and everyone going back to school. Not to mention that I have a soft spot for musicals  movies that have fun music.


(For you movie buffs out there, I know, I know. Grease came out in 1978, but to redeem the value of the 80’s, feel free to pull out Urban Cowboy or Staying Alive. Talk about steamy Travolta.)

Wanna remind yourself of some sweet nothings to whisper in your loved one’s ears? Need a refresher on Summer Lovin’? I’m pretty sure any husband looking for a good time from his wife would like to be called “stud” and taken down to the beach to get frisky in the sand. Just don’t take off your pants. Gotta watch out for that sand. Ah, teenage summer romance.


Everyone once in a while I find myself quoting Back to the Future. “Great Scott!”

“Where we’re going we don’t need roads.” I used tell that to my students during the first week of school. Good way to find out who my movie buffs were and if you’re a good parent, you’ll teach them to your kids. When I’m looking for some serious emphasis on what’s about to happen…

And who can forget the power of advertising in movies during the 80s? Back to the Future pretty much sparked the revolution that is using name brand products on screen. Pepsi and Nike are still sending Spielberg thank you letters to this day.

I don’t think you can begin the school year without reminding your kids how lucky they are to go to a school where they are free to express themselves and enjoy the luxuries of extra curricular activities that kids used to have to fight for. And if they don’t get what you mean, you show them Footloose. And then you play the soundtrack for them. Small town kids oppressed by crazy parents who forbade dancing sounds like an uprising all teens should be made aware of. If anything, it might teach them some better dance moves than twerking.


Oh, and don’t forget that Pumpkin Spice. It’s the best crack gift you can give to yourself this time of year.

What about you? Do you have any movies that you like to watch during a particular time of year? Do any of these movies make you think about going back to school?




Cheers Mom, I Get It Now

I remember scrolling through Michelle’s site and thinking, “This gal gets me!”. Her honest writing and cheeky thoughts about fashion and fitness, oh yah and how could I forget, WINE! had me from the start. I decided not to hold it against her that she lives in Canada. 🙂 Michelle is what I would call a no-nonsense writer. She’s direct and tells you what she thinks. I appreciate that in a writer, as I’m sure many of us do. It’s good to find someone you know who is out there over and over, being as honest with you as they can be as a writer. If you’ve haven’t found Michelle yet, hop over to her site and say hello!

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 7.37.22 AM

With a few-week-old baby curled into me as I sat on the couch, the day brought about a time of reflection on my short experience in motherhood. The previous weeks of taking care of a tiny human had been challenging. The demands of a newborn had changed everything from life as I’d known it…

I’d changed physically, mentally, and emotionally to anticipate the role of mom throughout 9 months of pregnancy, through labour and birth, and I changed even more so in the bumbling, inexperienced, stressful moments of assuming that role.

There were many skeptical moments where I questioned whether it was “all worth it” as I’d been reassured by other well-meaning moms. The weight of motherhood was settling around me like a lead blanket.

“Oh. This is what it feels like to be a mom.”

Heavy. Suffocating. Painful. Emotional.

It was terrifying to have a piece of my heart and soul separated from my own body to vulnerably exist out in the great big world.

But amidst all the complicated difficulties, there were powerfully contradicting feelings of joy, purpose, comfort, and belonging. I was a Mom.

It Was Then That I Understood What It Meant To Be A Mom

I really did, and in a way I couldn’t have possibly comprehended before baby. Becoming a Mom was one of the best (and most challenging) things I’ve done in life. The exhaustion, the changes in my body, the pain and trauma of birth, the explosively poopy diapers, the cries that couldn’t be consoled, endless laundry, and dependency of another life

As terrifying as it all sounds, there was something wonderful and joyous even in the most difficult aspects. Even in the toughest times, there has always been a small corner of my heart that laughed, smiled, or thanked God for the opportunity to experience life as it was in that moment.

And then there are the stop-your-heart moments of cuteness and life-fulfillment experienced in a way only Moms can relate to… those tender moments that forever imprint themselves into our maternal memories. The smell of newborn hair. Snuffly baby snores. Tiny fingers barely curling around one of yours. A first smile. Melt-me-into-a-puddle moments… moms, you know what I’m saying.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 7.37.35 AM

As a new-ish member of the Mom-club, the depth of understanding has now settled in, and reality has formed an indescribable appreciation for my own Mother and all others out there. I get it now. The craziness. The emotions. The fear. The selflessness. The sacrifice. The joy. The love.

To all the Moms out there, YOU ARE AWESOME for all you are and all you do. I hold all of you in higher regard than ever before.


Michelle Thevenot

Article originally published on MT Bottles blog

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michelleheadshotMichelle Thevenot is a work-from-home mom-boss and creative entrepreneur from Osler, SK, Canada. Manager of several small businesses, artist, blogger, and preventer of household destruction by a toddler-dog duo (partners in crime, those two), her hands are full, but so is her heart as she lives her passion.