People Are Awesome….So Why Do We Focus on the Bad?

I wrote a post not too long ago that many of you enjoyed because you were reminded of good people that you see frequently who work in the fast food industry. (If you missed People Are Awesome #tacobell, check it out!)

With the chaos that continues to go on in our world today, I am reminded of people who are awesome in our world. What? How could I be reminded if all we see is the evil in the world? It was something simple. Someone in the online world chose to highlight a positive experience from their day and share with others. I was surfing through my local Facebook group for buy, sell, and trade and I found a neat post by a woman who was thanking the stranger (in our town!) who helped her when she was feeling like a tired, overdone mom! I started scrolling through the comments and many were praising her reminder that there ARE good people in the world.

People don’t always make bad decisions. People can go out of their way to help someone out as they see them in the grocery store. There are neighbors who stop by to talk with you when you’re grieving the loss of your  mother. There is the car in front of you at Starbucks who pays for your coffee. That lady who helped the other mom load her car as her four children were running around her like little munchkins. The kind word from a stranger about your awesome shoes.

So why is it we get so easily focused and wrapped up in the negative?

Why is it when I ask you to remember the last time someone “crossed” you or was rude to you, you can easily remember that time at the movies, but when I ask you if you can remember when a stranger was kind to you, your mind goes blank? Why is negative such a party and positive is such a party pooper?

A few Sundays back, our pastor at church mentioned that some years ago, a local news channel wanted to showcase only positive stories. They were going to bring to the state and local areas only stories that would encourage civilians. Guess what happened to that news show? It lasted only four months! I don’t have the answers to all the “why’s” for us humans in wanting to hear all the drama in the world, but I do know that I am surrounded by a lot of positive people in my town, in my daily routines and stores and errands. I want to focus on them. I want to appreciate that good stuff.

I want to see others how God sees them. Not only that, but I want to love others how God loves them.

Obviously we can’t walk around with our head in the sand. We need to know what’s going on so we can respond when the time is right. Non-violent protests should happen. Petitions can accomplish much. Social awareness has its place in our lives. But when I live in a world that tends to focus on the negative, well, I want to counter that with the positive that I see in the world. I NEED to.

Yes, there is so much bad in the world and so much sadness. But the stranger at the park who helps the little boy after he fell or the group of teenagers who decided to raise money to feed kids in the inner city–THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE that help us breathe everyday. I already know what kind of people drain my energy everyday. God help me.

Who knows, maybe I will write more about how people are awesome. Maybe it will only last for four months!

No, it will last longer. Why? Because I choose it. What about you? How will you choose to see the world?




  • I think times when things seem the most awful are exactly the times we need to focus on all the awesome… otherwise we’ll drown in sadness and hopelessness. Lovely post.

  • Norma Gail

    So true! God is still alive and well and at work in our world, even if it appears that chaos is winning!

  • Great outlook. I think it is definitely important to focus on the positive to balance out all of the negative we are bombarded with.

  • Marisa Ulrich

    Yes! So important to remember and recognize the good! We were just reading Philippians with the kids last night-I asked them why Paul emphasizes rejoice by saying it twice in chapter 4 verse 4. We all decided it is because God wants us to be focused on the good and we need a lot of reminders to accomplish that. Thank you for speaking my heart, friend. Continuing to lift you up, by the way. ❤