Coffee on Fridays

My mind is going in a thousand different directions these days! I feel like I’m tying this at thousand miles an hour! Eeeek. If we had coffee today with some scrumptious scones, this is what I would blab about.

First, as a writer, it’s pretty awesome when you’re work gets published on other sites. Which means I need to take a quick second to pat myself on the back and share with ya’ll.

I’m still working on what the end goal is with all this writing, but if you haven’t snooped around recently and seen what I’ve been doing, then you should check out these few places I’ve been recently or will be…
5 Survival Tips for New Bloggers over on
I had two posts get syndicated on Woohoo!

I have a post going live on Sunday at

And on my birthday next week, I’ll have a piece published on


Second, Asher is growing SO FAST. I keep going on about it and I have decided that I need to enjoy it all as much as possible. Crawling. Oh the crawling. I’m always posting updates on this crazy development on my Insta and Facebook page if you haven’t checked them, give it a click. #enjoytheride

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Third, my birthday is next week. I’ve always felt older than I am. I started wondering why that is. With my birthday, I have felt this urge to be more comfortable in my own skin. As a writer. As a wife. As a mother. As a sister. As a friend. I’ll be writing more on that next week.

What about you? What’s going on with you? What kind of scone would you be eating??


My name is Gloryanna and I'm a stay-at-home momma, former teacher, turned blogger. I love hearing stories and sharing stories, especially when they are encouraging. This is a blog about stories and experiences that encourage us in our relationship with Christ and others, no matter what season of life we're going through. Hopefully, you will take away a positive nugget by visiting this blog and maybe laugh a little along the way.
  • Congratulations on a busy week of (well deserved) publications!! Heading over to Her View to read now.. I hope tomorrow kicks off a great birthday week for you! (Do you celebrate yourself all wekk? I think you should!)

  • Congratulations on a busy week of (well deserved) publications!! Heading over to Her View to read now. I hope tomorrow kicks off a fabulous birthday week! (Do you celebrate yourself all week? You should!)