Going from Blogger to WordPress was Good for my Soul

Who knew that switching up your blogging platform could be so liberating. I was hesitant about leaving my Blogger blog for the WordPress world.  Now, I have no idea what I was so worried about. Yes, it took time to edit my photos so they would look as uniform as possible  (that’s mostly the perfectionist in me). Yes, I had to do quite a bit of Googling. Those are the pesky details. Changing platforms and becoming a self-hosted blogger caused me to evaluate my blogging and where I plan to take my site. Reflecting on where I want to go and where I’ve been was good for my soul in a few ways.

I found clarity in my writing voice. By revamping lots of my posts to make my new platform more coherent, I was forced to look at my writing holistically and see what kind of voice I had unknowingly started creating for myself. For the first time, I feel more confident in my voice than before.

I took a deeper look at what the future might look like for Only a Season. I decided on a few simple small steps to lead me in the direction of some long-term goals I have always had by having a blog. One of those steps is providing an avenue for other folks who like to write to get their words out there.

I took time to learn something new. I like keeping things fresh and learning how WordPress works was definitely a new skill for me! During this process I was reminded that people are awesome. I had quite a few people from different social groups lend their help as I was struggling to figure things out. They were really encouraging!

Things aren’t perfect and some photos or spacing may be off in size here and there, but the words haven’t changed. Take a few minutes to look around at the new confident voice of Only a Season.

May the Force Be with You

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My name is Gloryanna and I'm a stay-at-home momma, former teacher, turned blogger. I love hearing stories and sharing stories, especially when they are encouraging. This is a blog about stories and experiences that encourage us in our relationship with Christ and others, no matter what season of life we're going through. Hopefully, you will take away a positive nugget by visiting this blog and maybe laugh a little along the way.
  • This is my first visit to your blog, and it’s very refreshing and honest. I have a humor blog, and like you, I’m contemplating moving to WordPress. I tried it once, and it took way too much time to learn. But since I’m almost an empty nester now, maybe it’s the right time. Got any advice? Haven’t blogged in a couple of years due to personal issues, but starting to feel the pull to jump in again. Keep up the good work. Your baby is precious!

    • Gloryanna

      Thanks for the compliments Cathy! I would definitely make the switch! WordPress has so much more of a community and so much help online is available. If you aren’t sure where it will go, I would start out with a free account first and get used to the feel of things. If you feel like things are starting to pick up, I would definitely take your WordPress to the self-hosted route. Here is a great overview of what that means. Hope this helps! http://www.blogher.com/give-yourself-gift-self-hosted-blog

  • I have been feeling overwhelmed by this step to WordPress that I know I need to take. Ack.

    • OnlyaSeason

      So true. I just ripped off the bandaid. I even talked to the BlueHost guy (to transfer my domain from Blogger) while nursing my little guy! That day was a blur really but things came into focus in the end!

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