Supper Sundays: An Introduction

suppersundsaysSunday is a day of rest in our house. We like to relax and try to stay home and enjoy our time off from the busy week. I have always found that I like to make nice homemade meals on Sundays. I don’t know if it’s the way I grew up or what, but cooking supper on Sundays, for the most part, relaxes me.

This year I want to continue to strive to eat healthy and to write more. To accomplish this I’ve given myself the goal of Supper Sundays. I definitely do not consider myself an elite chef and don’t ask me to go near exotic foods, but I love a good recipe for Grandma’s crock pot chicken and I particularly like making desserts from scratch. I plan to make at least one, wholesome meal a week. I’m sure there will be other meals during the week when I accomplish this, but a Sunday is for sure on the list.

What do I mean by wholesome? First, I plan to use Lisa’s “Real Food Defined” list from I love this list (and I LOVE her site!)! Ever since I came across her site I have really tried to stick to “5 Ingredients or less” on items that come in box, bottle, etc. Anything that isn’t fresh gets the look over for 5 ingredients or less. For Sunday supper, this is a must. I also plan to buy as much organic ingredients as possible and make the meal as much from “scratch” as possible.

I can’t guarantee that I will always get this done on Sunday because you know, life happens, but it will be the goal. Some weeks I might cook on Saturday, or if I know we’re going to be out of town or have plans, schedule it for a different day of the week. Generally, I will post my experiences on Sundays for whatever wholesome meal I cooked the previous week.

Ladies and gentleman, I pledge to cook at least one wholesome, as organic as possible, meal a week and post my experiences. Would anyone care to join me? Have any recipes I need to try?


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