Coffee on Fridays

coffeefridaysGot a lot on my mind these days! It’s always nice to put things out there and relate with others. Sometimes you just need to write it out. If we sat down for coffee today, this is what would be on my mind.

*Blogging: I’d really like to make some changes to my blog and upgrade things a little bit. To do this, things might be in hiatus for a little while. I’m pleased with the readership, but I’ve got ideas and need more of a fluid process and Blogger just isn’t cutting it for me anymore.

*Marriage: Mike and I finally set up a date night last week! It was very much needed and we had a great time. We had some great discussions and I realized that I am not my husband’s holy spirit. I plan to write about that one next week sometime.

*Cooking and Finances: Supper Sundays has really trickled over into more of our day-to-day eating. I’ve been learning some new things and trying new things for wholesome cooking, with as little processed food as possible. I’ve also been reading more about organic foods and deciding what is really worth buying organic vs what doesn’t really matter. Mainly because our finances can only handle so much organic with the current prices! I plan to write more about this later too!

Anyone else relate? Want to share what’s on your mind?