Coffee on Fridays

coffeefridaysSometimes I just need to put it out there. Maybe someone knows exactly what I’m feeling, thinking, or experiencing. Sometimes I need to know that someone else is going through or has gone through a similar season in their life. Maybe someone else needs to read this. If we met for coffee this morning, this is what would be on my mind.

*I feel pretty lonely in my marriage/parenting journey at the moment. No, Mike is not being a “bad” husband. He has been working a lot lately which makes for long days when you basically see your husband for about an hour a day. I keep thinking we need to make a date night or something. This was part of my goal for 2016, you know. I’m always tired by the time evening comes, I just sort of forget about it.

*I miss college. OK, let me clarify. I really miss the feeling of learning something  new that pertains to literature. I’ve been putting off getting my Master’s until I find the right one. Well, I have found one, but I really don’t want to spend the money. Maybe I’ll just go read an Oscar Wilde play or something.

*Discipline. I caught myself the other day saying “no, no” to Asher. After some time to over analyze why I was saying it, I started thinking that we’re getting close to the discipline/cause/effect/consequences age with Asher. Ugh. A good friend of mine said once about how sad it was when she had to start this stage with her little girl. She said before you didn’t have to worry about any of it because they were still a little baby and so cute! Whatbwas cute beforex might not be for vert much longer… I keep thinking Dear God help me when that starts!

What’s on your mind? Can you relate to where I’m at?

  • That would be tough! When my guy is home, most of energy goes to out little one too which doesn't leave much left to us!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, can totally relate! This is my everyday life. We only see Derek for about an hour on the days he works. He does get 2 days off a week usually, but the days differ every week so there's no schedule/consistency to look forward to. Sometimes his day off will fall at the beginning of the week and not again until the end of the next week. It's extremely trying for parenting reasons and marital reasons!