Zipadeezip Review: Going from the Miracle Blanket to the Zip!


Something wasn’t right. Asher was starting to go down for his naps rather fitfully. I’m not saying he’s always an angel for naptime, but I could tell something was off. I made a note to keep an eye on it. He did this for three days in a row. One morning, I went in to wake him up for the day and was greeted by this sneaky face.

Yep, he got his arm out of the Miracle Blanket. It was time to rethink the swaddle. I knew it was coming, but I think I was in denial. I had read horror stories about no sleep when you transition and we know how I am with no sleep. You can read about that here. I knew I just needed to take the plunge. Some genius out there recommends starting with naps. I started with one nap with one arm. It was the first nap he wasn’t fitful. It only took him about ten minutes fall asleep in his crib. I did the same thing with the next nap of the day. He tried to rip his face off and realized he could suck his hands For. Like. Ever. Google immediately showed me the Zipadeezip. I was skeptical, but read about their great service, so I figured if we ended up not liking it, we would send it back.

Couple days later when the package arrived, we did the one arm thing with his hand in one of the arm “pouches.” He didn’t rip his face off, didn’t go to sleep fitfully and barely sucked his hand. Success. It’s taken us some time, but the weaning process has worked. We would put him in a onesie, put the miracle blanket on with his feet out and one arm, wrap the other arm, and put the Zipadeezip over it all. It’s a little annoying at times but he didn’t seem to be bothered. Eventually you move to both arms, and then no swaddle all. You get the idea.
I feel like the Zipadeezip was a great selection for this process . Here are my thoughts in a nutshell.

*for me, the biggest pro is since he is starting to roll and wiggle, he can wear this and totally be free to resituate himself!
*easy to use
*if your baby likes to suck some and be able to stretch while sleeping, then this sleep sack allows for that (though he’ll be sucking through material)
*has three different sizing options.
From their site:
Small(3-6 months old)12-18lbs for babies up to 28 inches tall
Medium(6-12 months old)19-26 lbs for babies up to 32 inches tall
Large(12-28 months old)26-34 lbs for babies
*lots of cute prints to choose from


*pricey (but comparable to other sleep sacks out there) typically $36.95
*size small is usable for a 2 month old but it probably wont be snug around the baby’s limbs as when they get closer to that 3-4 month mark
*since it isn’t cheap, having to buy new ones as baby gets older could be a pain
*may have to deal with weaning from this as baby gets older

Overall, I’m glad we bought this sleep sack to use for transitioning from the Miracle Blanket. You can read my review about it here.

To check out the Zipadeezip, go to their website at

For us, Asher wanted to be able to move around but needed something to still keep him a little confined so he wouldn’t rip his face off and suck his fingers off when he woke in the middle of naps and the night. Plus, he just looks so stinking cute in it!