The Happiest You’ll Ever Be


I don’t even know where to begin. I guess I’ll start with when I first met Aimee. We are in an awesome blogging group together and I remember scrolling through and seeing her blog pop up in a thread. As per the usual, I started stalking her site and surfing through her posts and I came across one that I loved, titled “Chasing Your Joy.” Have you ever had that …

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One App Every Blogger Needs


Sitting at my computer, I exhale in frustration because I just got done reading this great article by one of my blogging friends and I wanted to keep it to share on my social media for a later date. A few clicks later I see one of my friends with a hilarious photo that I would love to keep for another time to give them a shout out later in …

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Four Letter Words and Blogging Friends

I am loving the blogging community. I love it even more when I find other women who are passionate about their writing. As a Christian writer, it is even more lovely when you come across other women whose words lie in the molding of the Creator. Harmony is one of those writers. She is as genuine as they come and writes from her heart. I have been following her writing …

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I Miss My Life Before I Was a Mom


I love how I live in a part of the world where we get four seasons. I love when I wake up early and step outside and the crisp air washes over my face. The dew on the grass is no longer frozen and the sun grazes the grass’s wetness, causing  my eyes to squint in its reflection. It’s spring time here. You know that feeling when you can sense …

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