Cheers Mom, I Get It Now

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I remember scrolling through Michelle’s site and thinking, “This gal gets me!”. Her honest writing and cheeky thoughts about fashion and fitness, oh yah and how could I forget, WINE! had me from the start. I decided not to hold it against her that she lives in Canada. 🙂 Michelle is what I would call a no-nonsense writer. She’s direct and tells you what she thinks. I appreciate that in …

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Empty Grief

empty grief

I forgot to call upon Your name. I couldn’t see out of this bottomless pit. My grief felt empty. I felt alone. Blind. Numb. Empty. I couldn’t see out of this bottomless pit. Missing you more than I ever thought possible. Blind. Numb. Empty. Wishing I had spent those times with you when I said no. Missing you more than I ever thought possible. Wondering if you knew how much …

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How I Missed the Most Important Day of My Son’s First Two Years


When you start meeting other writers you really only have a few ways to get to know them. One of those ways is to stock their writing and if you’re lucky, they’re blog or personal site. I met Kamsin from a writer’s group created by another author I love (Sarah West) and instantly was drawn to her writing. Why? because Kamsin is a reflective person who causes me to reflect …

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Is it OK to love on my husband when I don’t feel like it?


Spices are in the air. The heat from the oven overwhelms me as I take out the rolls for dinner. Clanking from the corner as Asher decides a spoon is the best for banging against his plate. Dogs are licking up flying food. Steam from the stove top as my potatoes bubble, telling me they’re done. It’s just occurred to me that I haven’t pee’d since this morning. Now we’re …

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Who I Am


You know that moment when your friend calls you because they got tickets to go see your favorite band? Or maybe that moment when you feel like you are beside yourself with happiness at the thoughtful gift your friend spent a lot of time making for you. Whatever it is–it’s that feeling of pure excitement and gratitude you have for that friend in that moment. I am not stretching the …

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People Are Awesome #tacobell


This guy had been with Taco Bell for about two years. He worked on the line making the food, moved to the window and eventually became a shift manager. His small frame, tattoos, and what I would guess piercings, made him the stereotypical “punk.” Except he was about thirty years old and I don’t know about you, but as an 8th grade teacher, I have a hard time calling a …

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A First Time Mom’s Guide to Surviving Baby Battles (or just eat the damn puffs!)


I’m a first time mom (FTM) and just like any parent, veteran or not, we have the good days and the bad. The days you feel like you are the elite parent whose child slept for nine hours last night, and then the next day you’re knocked off your high horse when your child starts clinging to you and screaming for no apparent reason. No, wait. There might be a …

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